Weekly Update – April 6, 2018

Our students are focused on several environmental-related projects this week. Check them out!

Musical Instruments

Dan Marcus, performing arts teacher, and his eighth grade students finished a multi-week collaboration with Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse to make instruments from reclaimed materials. The students will now use those instruments to record original music.

Pond Maintenance

Fifth graders at North Campus, with science teacher Brock Perkins, continued their year-long collaboration with Aquatic Edge Consultants to test and monitor the health of their campus pond. The students will brainstorm effective methods to improve the health of the pond as their end-of-year project.

Geology in Western PA

As part of their science classes with Tracy Valenty, sixth grade students worked with Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve to learn about the basic geology of Western Pennsylvania. The students studied the types of rocks and their development, as well as the impacts on our region’s ecosystems. A strong focus on how our geology directly impacts soil types is helpful for the students’ year-long study of pollinators and gardening.

Complete Streets

Upper School students in Dr. Michael Naragon’s Urban Research and Design course met with representatives from the City of Pittsburgh’s transportation department to discuss the Complete Streets project. This proposal will redesign Pittsburgh streets to accommodate multiple modes of transportation. This moment helped students as they engage in a project to consider the urban design implications of autonomous vehicles.

Reclaiming Vacant Lots

Nikki Nesbitt and her Upper School students in Environmental Biology continued their year-long collaboration with GTECH Strategies, a local environmental justice group, to reclaim a vacant lot in Homewood. The students visited the vacant lot and will soon begin working on it.