Types of Experiences

There are many ways to utilize City as Our Campus. Faculty are encouraged to implement different types of experiences that meet their needs.

This is only a suggested framework. Some initiatives will include multiple types of experiences or may not fall within this framework.

  • Moment: A guest presenter, performance, workshop, or similar experience that is connected and supports curriculum, but that occurs a limited number of times.
  • Expedition: An off-site trip to visit a location that reinforces or demonstrates learning. An expedition should have clear goals and directly link to curriculum.
  • Project: A project-based learning experience that is contained within a larger unit or course and involves community resources and/or issues.
  • Unit: A unit within a grade level or course that utilizes diverse community resources and may include a variety of other City as Our Campus experiences.
  • Year-Long Study: A year-long study that continuously revisits a topic or project throughout an academic year and includes diverse community resources and a variety of City as Our Campus experiences.
  • Course: A year-long Upper School course that includes diverse community resources and a variety of other City as Our Campus experiences.
  • Residency: This type of experience involves a deep relationship with an external partner that has significant influence on the design and implementation of curriculum or student experiences over an extended period of time. This may involve, but not be limited to, repeated visits to co-teach in your classroom, consultation regarding curriculum and teaching methods, or an ongoing support for the implementation of student projects.

This framework is meant to assist faculty as they design their curriculum. Please note this is only a guideline.