Teaching Rubric

Student learning and faculty growth are at the core of a Winchester Thurston education. We are a dynamic school that learns, continuously evolves, and commits to excellence.

New teaching demands a learning environment in which the teacher:

  • Responds to the fact that students no longer merely consume information by requiring them to construct meaning and create content for a real world audience.
  • Designs lessons recognizing that problem solving itself is a curriculum as well as a process. This requires students to acquire and apply knowledge, to employ self-directed learning strategies, and to collaborate with a team.
  • Incorporates physical movement to promote and stimulate greater creativity, communication, learning, and cognitive retention.
  • Integrates online resources routinely and technology tools comprehensively to support curricular goals, recognizing the new learner is fully immersed in a virtual experience.
  • Challenges students to use skills and knowledge to develop new ideas, design new solutions, and create new products in response to the needs of their local and global communities. This brings meaning to the issues in question and motivates students to produce work that is valid and of high quality.