Proposal Form

Below is the form that faculty use to propose new City as Our Campus initiatives.

City as Our Campus Proposal

This form should only be used to propose Projects, Units, Courses, or Residencies.

This form may be completed with the Director of City as Our Campus during a planning meeting.

Please consider this to be a rough draft that can be changed at any time.

  1. Name:
  2. Faculty Collaborators, if applicable:
  3. Course Name and Project Title:
  4. Identify the type of experience (Project, Unit, Course, Not Sure).
  5. Briefly describe your idea.
  6. What do you hope your students learn or gain through this experience?
  7. What time of year would you like this to take place?
  8. After submitting this proposal, what are the next steps for you and/or Director of City as Our Campus?

In addition to this proposal, you and your collaborators should meet with the Director of City as Our Campus as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Additional planning meetings will be held when appropriate.