Connected Learning

A learning approach designed for the demands and opportunities of a connected world in the digital age.

City as Our Campussm utilizes theories and practices that are associated with the Connected Learning educational model. This educational approach is designed for our ever-changing world. It makes learning relevant to all populations, to real life and real work, and to the realities of the digital age, where the demand for learning never stops.

  • Learners are the focus: Specifically, developing lifelong learners with higher-order skills.
  • We build on the basics: The basics are important, but not enough for youth to thrive in our rapidly-changing world.
  • We connect three critical spheres of learning: academics, a learner’s interests, inspiring mentors and peers.
  • We harness the advances and innovations of our connected age to serve learning: Just as earlier generations tapped the tools of their time to improve learning, we must do the same in the digital age.
  • Making, creating, and producing are powerful paths to deeper learning and understanding: Connected learning asks learners to experiment, to be hands-on, and to be active and entrepreneurial in their learning, recognizing that this is what is now needed to be successful in work and in life.

Visit the Connected Learning website to continue exploring this approach.