Water Conservation and Pond Maintenance, Grade 5

Students visit multiple locations in the city to learn about water cycles, sanitation, and conservation then actively work to ensure the health of the North Campus pond.

As part of their study on water, students tour the AlCOSAN (Allegheny County Sanitary Authority) to learn about the city’s sanitation methods and water quality testing. Through a co-education model, students then learn from environmental educators from the¬†Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. This work involves a classroom visit followed by trips to local parks to test the water quality of local streams.

In addition, students at North Campus engage in a year-long partnership with local pond experts from Aquatic Edge Consulting to monitor the health of their campus pond. Through quarterly water sampling, the students are able to identify problem areas while considering effective ways of improving the health of the pond. Each year, fifth graders participate in a project that benefits the pond for future grades, such as adding aeration systems or tackling erosion concerns.