Arts and Culture

The exploration of arts and culture is a major focus in Middle School as we try to expose our students to the many cultural amenities in our city.

Study of Warhol

Each grade in Middle School studies different aspects of Andy Warhol’s work. Sixth graders are introduced to Andy Warhol by learning about his life, especially his roots in Pittsburgh, and how that led to some of his early techniques, such as the blotted line technique. In seventh grade, students learn more about Andy Warhol by examining his time capsules with archivists from The Andy Warhol Museum. Eighth graders learn about his most iconic work, screenprinting, and participating in screenprinting workshops with Artist Image Resource.

Cultural Studies

In social studies, sixth graders are introduced to the study of culture. Their year begins with a guest lecture from a local anthropologist who helps to set up their year. Other experiences include tours of local neighborhoods with a focus on places of worship as part of their study of religion.

World Languages

In addition to learning new languages, students also learn about the culture of foreign countries. Guest speakers, such as those from the University of Pittsburgh African Studies Program, help students to connect with the culture of the language they are studying. Visits to local restaurants and businesses also help them to get a taste for different cuisines and traditions.