Study of Pittsburgh, Grade 3

In third grade, students learn about the city of Pittsburgh, examine historical and contemporary issues that influence its citizens, and consider how they can influence change within the city.

Students begin this work by learning about the history of Pittsburgh. They visit significant sites, such as the Fort Pitt Museum and Point State Park, to learn about the city’s founding and early colonial history. From there, they spend significant time learning about specific neighborhoods and how certain groups, specifically immigrants, have helped to shape our city. Students also spend time studying different cultural and historical sites throughout the city.

A focus on innovation helps our students to tie their science and history learning together. A visit to the Carrie Furnace, an abandoned iron furnace, helps them to learn about Andrew Carnegie and the steel industry that sustained our city.

Additionally, students learn about urban planning and the unintended consequences of it. They tour the city to learn about how different neighborhoods have been negatively affected through the years. Interdisciplinary learning happens again by studying bridges and engineering, then taking a tour of our city’s bridges and meeting with a local engineer.

Through all of this work, the students are challenged to think how they, as third graders, can have a positive impact on the future of our city.