Research Science

This course offers students a distinct learning opportunity by emphasizing the application of science through integrated projects that utilize the engineering cycle for prototype development.

In consultation with course instructor, Graig Marx, students work individually or in small groups to research, design, and fabricate a product that addresses a problem. Through this work, students seek out information, build skills, learn proper use of tools, and consult with experts to create a product that solves that problem.

The course focuses heavily on CAD modeling and 3D-printing, electrical circuits, sensor development and usage, and function of microcontrollers. Students are co-taught by experts from Daedalus, Inc. and TechShop. In addition, students enjoy full memberships to TechShop so that they can utilize the tools and materials there.

Projects have included:

  • 3D Printed Transtibial Prosthesis for Children in Developing and War Torn Countries
  • The SmartFridge 9000: A System to Easily Reduce Food Waste
  • Module for Detecting, Mapping, and Fixing Potholes
  • Tracking Farm Moisture Levels Using an Autonomous Rover
  • Robotic Game for Children
  • 3D Printed Small Scale Vertical Axis Water Turbine
  • Air Quality Sensor to Monitor Particulate Matter
  • Water Purification via Passive Desalination
  • Shoes with Replaceable Treads
  • Oral Rehydration Measurement Tools
  • 3D Printed Girls Lacrosse Helmet Prototype
  • Scoliosis Brace Design
  • Low-Cost Shoes for Disaster Victims
  • Tool to Assist Parkinson’s Patients with Fine Motor Skills
  • Method to Create Low-Cost Artificial Muscles
  • Disaster Beacon for Emergency Situations
  • Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand
  • Drone for Avalanche Rescue Operations