Essential Skills, Kindergarten

Kindergartners and their teachers explore time learning and practicing essential skills that will help the students to succeed.

This work is done in collaboration with different community educators and organizations that help the students and teachers to approach learning from different angles. The students engage in various experiences that help them to build the essential skills of communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Embedded in this work is the discussion and practice of core values, such as respect and honesty.

Our community partners help the teachers to introduce new concepts to the students while tapping into the students’ personal interests, motivations, and ideas. Community-based learning, such as off-site expeditions, is also utilized to reinforce and demonstrate student learning.

An example of a learning experiences include:

  • Gardening with Care: Kindergarten classes at the City Campus work with gardener educators from Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to explore their outdoor classroom and garden spaces. The students spend time identifying plants,┬áplanting crops, and trying new foods. Classes have conversations that connect ethics learning to the garden, such as reflections on the courage that it takes plants to grow and the respect needed to maintain a garden.