Research and Action

Learning research skills is an important part of Middle School, but Winchester Thurston students are putting their research into action.

Social Justice Project

Eighth graders participate in an annual research project in their English and social studies classes. The students are asked to identify and research a social justice issue that is important to them. As part of this work, students are asked to meet with a local professional who is an expert in the selected topic. These professionals are university professors, researchers, and nonprofit employees who are actively studying and addressing the issue in our community. This not only helps our students to deepen their understanding of the selected topic, but also introduces them to someone in our community who is taking action. Many students are inspired to follow their lead.

Leadership Academy 

All Middle School students participate in our leadership development program that helps them to develop leadership skills while considering community issues. The students identify issues in our community, research agencies that are addressing those issues, and consider effective ways of participating in the work.