Immigration Stories, Grade 5

Fifth graders learn about immigration by capturing oral histories of people who immigrated to Pittsburgh from outside the continental United States.

As part of their social studies unit and through a City As Our Campus partnership with SLB Radio Productions, fifth graders interview people who came to the United States from other countries. Through this work, students learn interviewing techniques, audio editing, and reflect deeply on the stories of the interviewees.

Excerpts of the oral histories, as well as student reflections on this project, are housed in an interactive StoryBox that is displayed in the school and can be listened to by anyone. The StoryBox is unveiled with a celebration complete with opportunities for listening to the interviews and food representing the countries of the interviewees.

This is a deeply moving project that helps students to personalize the stories of immigration while sharing the lives of others. It not only helps our students to connect with people who have different backgrounds from them, but gives interviewees an opportunity to be honored.

Listen to the interviews.