Hill District Stories

Upper School students participated in a two-month project that explored August Wilson’s work and how it has interacted with and reflected the Hill District neighborhood that nurtured him.

As part of their eleventh grade American History course, taught by Dr. Michael Naragon and Callie Gropp, students studied the Northern Civil Rights Movement, specifically the role of community rights. Using the Hill District as a case study, students learned about the neighborhood with the help of Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation and Hill House Association.

Then, students collaborated with Ya Momz House, LLC to interview Hill District residents, and those who knew August Wilson, to determine the extent to which the themes of August Wilson’s work are still seen in on-going efforts by Hill District residents to transform their community.

Final presentations occurred at the Kaufmann Center at the Hill House where students shared their interviews to give voice to the stories that often go unheard.

Watch the video here.

Students Interviewing Hill District Residents 

Students Presenting at the Hill House