Computer Science Innovations

A year-long course in computer science challenges students to create original products using various technological tools.

This course, open to tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders, involves students in full-scale research projects to solve real-world problems using computer science. Students model the approach computer science teams use to complete full-scale projects and will utilize the agile software development model. This practicum-based course has students working through each step of a project, from research to design to implementation.

Upon completion, students produce a research paper summarizing the execution of their projects and orally present their research efforts in a year-end STEM Symposium. Proposals for research projects can be student-generated or instructor-guided ideas.

Through the City as Our Campus program, each student is paired with an expert community mentor who will help students refine their project ideas and provide valuable feedback as students implement their work.

Previous projects have included:

  • Low-cost robot controlled by iOS app
  • Smart traffic network
  • Sensors to retrofit automobiles with smart technologies
  • Shoe insole to monitor activity in elderly patients
  • Lower body measurement device for athletic training
  • Automated terrarium monitoring system
  • Modular synthesizer
  • Software for improvised jazz