Career Exploration

Middle School is an opportunity for our students to learn about new interests, as well possible academic and career pathways.

The following are examples of City as Our Campus experiences that help students to explore new interests.

Medical Professionals

Seventh grade students learn about the different body systems and the diseases that affect them. As part of this work, students meet with medical professionals for round table conversations. These conversations not only help them to gain a deeper understanding of their classroom content, but also connects them with someone who applies this learning every day in their profession.


Many working artists and writers collaborate with our teachers for residencies. Writers regularly visit English classes for writing workshops and readings. Art classes also regularly host local artists to serve as inspiration for students. For example, in eighth grade, a photographer helps students to expand their photography and digital editing skills.

Research Mentors

As part of the eighth grade research project, students are asked to meet with a local expert in the topic they are researching. These meetings are incredibly valuable for our students because they help to connect their research to work that is happening in our own city. These experts also represent universities, nonprofits, and businesses that connect to topics the students are interested in.