City as Our Campus℠ is an initiative integrated into our core academic curriculum that engages, utilizes, and studies the community to provide authentic learning opportunities for students and teachers.

First graders are learning about building and community design from seasoned architects. Post-AP high school seniors are using research science to prototype solutions to community problems. And inspired Middle Schoolers are writing about society and recording their songs with an award-winning studio artist.

Winchester Thurston School’s City as Our Campus program amplifies student learning by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, non-profit, and business community in Pittsburgh.

Authentic Learning with Impact

City as Our Campus is an extension of WT’s core academic curriculum and augments it by providing meaningful, real-world experiences. By working with diverse members of the community – and with a range of resources, tools, and materials – students don’t just gain understanding of the community’s most pressing issues, they work to solve them.

Student Centered, Faculty Driven, Community Based

WT’s innovative faculty is at the heart of the program. Teachers design and implement projects, units, and courses that enhance their curricula. They forge partnerships that transform organizations, institutions, and businesses into co-educators, creating powerful learning opportunities for students. In fact, faculty passion fuels the success of City as Our Campus.

The New Learning Ecosystem

In today’s interconnected world, schools aren’t the only center for learning. Libraries, museums, workshops, labs, and even the digital space have a place in the learning ecosystem. City as Our Campus is driving Pittsburgh’s learning ecosystem and putting students and teachers at the center of it.

Programmatic Goals

  • Gain exposure to our city to become familiar with its culture and history.
  • Interact with community members to understand diverse viewpoints and stories.
  • Equip students with new skills and knowledge through authentic learning experiences.
  • Provide teachers with a co-educator model that opens possibilities and expands our thinking.
  • Partner with the community to become active and engaged citizens.

Experience it for yourself!